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COVID Sucks Giveaway

Draw Date: Sun, Aug 1st 2021

Single Draw

  Big changes are coming to YKTrader!

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  6 Draw Dates

  All your entries are valid for all draws.

  Prizes and Draw Dates are as follows:
  1) Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) - Draw Date: Mar 1st 2021 Winner: Congratulations Emmanuel Ramos!
  2) Beats Powerbeats Pro - Draw Date: Apr 1st 2021 Winner: Congratulations John T.!
  3) Apple iPad - Draw Date: May 1st 2021 Winner: Congratulations Karen Wasicuna!
  4) Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) - Draw Date: June 1st 2021 Winner: Congratulations Nancy Hashi!
  5) Beats Powerbeats Pro - Draw Date: July 1st 2021 Winner: Congratulations Lindsey Cymbalisty!
  6) Apple iPad - Draw Date: Aug 1st 2021

  Additional prizes will be added as draws are completed.

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Recent Winners

Lindsey Cymbalisty Thu, Jul 1st 2021 (#17523-33-1775)
Nancy Hashi Tue, Jun 1st 2021 (#2224-33-1774)
Karen Wasicuna Sat, May 1st 2021 (#13302-33-1773)
John T. Thu, Apr 1st 2021 (#6653-33-1772)
Emmanuel Ramos Mon, Mar 1st 2021 (#4255-33-1771)

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