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Ad Number: 218068

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: Apr 23rd 2022 at 7:07pm

Dave & Son's Carpentry / Trailer Maintenance.

" CARPENTRY  WORK." ( 25% off in May ).

- We do Concrete Foundations on Bedrock; Framing; Cabins; Siding; Decks; Fences; Roofing; Windows & Doors; Stairs; Cabinets; Flooring; Finishing; Board, Tape & Paint; Renovations; Residential & Commercial Carpenter Maintenance work.

" TRAILER MAINTENANCE WORK." ( 25 % off in May )

 -We do Trailer & House Levelling; New Blocking; Repair old Blocking & Pads; New Skirting; Belly Bag repairs; New Belly Bag Installations; Double Belly Bag Installations; We re-insulate water & sewer pipes so there waterproofed so the Insulation doesn't get wet & we Epoxy tape the sewer pipe joints so they never leak again & finally we install plastic poly on the ground to keep the moisture out so it's nice & dry under the trailer.

 Step #1 - We can change out your old Poly B water lines to Pex  without taking your Belly Bag out. Poly B was used from the mid 70's to the late 80's at which time Poly B was banned & they've been springing leaks ever since. ( Then Step #2 optional ).

Step #2 - We can install a new Double Belly Bag over top the old one with a few tricks of the Trade so your twice as warm. That's what I call a Double Belly Bag. It's a real Win Win situation & your fuel bill will be 25%-40% less per year. Therefore, instead of a R-20 value Belly Bag from the 80's & newer or R-12 value on Trailers from the 60's & 70's era then you can add another row of R-20 or R-28 or R-40 insulation. You could end up with a R-40 or R-48 or R-60 Super insulated Belly Bag. It really depends on how much you wanna save on Fuel. Plus that's where you lose mostly all of your heat is through the Belly Bag. Plus the way Fuel prices are Sky Rocketing. I can see Fuel hitting $3.00 +  / litre. Imagine paying double or more.( BOOK & PREPARE IN ADVANCE ).


- Journeyman Carpenter for 32 years.

- Feel free to call for a free estimate.

- We also do Hourly Rates as well.

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