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Ad Number: 186070

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: Jul 11th 2019 at 3:35pm

Vinyl records

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 100 or so Vynil records for sale single,bundles or the whole collection. All original,Not garage sale or dump finds condition-Something for every taste and bugget.Thanks for your interest


List of Record and Prices

Records all “original” releases not remastered and in playable and excellent collectable grade.

1. Alice Cooper-Billion $ babies1973-$30.00

2. Barbara Streisand-The Broadway Album-1985-OC-40092-$20.00

3. Blood Sweat and tears-3-1970-KC-30090-$20.00

4. Brighton Rock-Take a deep Breath-1988-25-59691-$20.00

5. Bruce Cockburn-Stealing Fire-1984-TN-57-$20.00

6. Bruce Cockburn-World of wonders-1985-TN-66-$20.00

7. Captain & Tennille-1976-SP-4570-$15.00

8. Carpenters-Made in America-1981-$20.00

9. Charlie Daniels-Fire in the Mountain-1974-34365-$15.00

10.           Charlie McCoy-Harpin’ the blues-1975-KZ-33802-$15.00

11.           David Bowie-Lets Dance-1983-$15.00

12.           Dirt Band, the-An American Dream-1979-$25.00

13.           E.L.O.-Eldorado-1974-VA-LA-339-G-$10.00

14.           E.L.O-Discovery-1976-VA-LA679-G-$20.00

15.           Eagles-Self titled-1972-SD-5054-1st Album-$25.00

16.           Elvis-1983- with-Picture disk + Booklet-$60.00

17.           Gandi-Soundtrack-1983-$20.00

18.           Genesis-Genesis-1983-80-1162-$25.00

19.           Genesis-Selling England by the Pound-1973-$25.00

20.           GleneAgle-1981-AP-2002-(WR1-2121)-$20.00

21.           James Taylor-Flag-1979-$15.00

22.           Janis Joplin-Pearl-1972-1st US pressing-KC-30322-$20.00

23.           Joe Walsh- “But Seriously Folks...”1978-6E-141-$15.00

24.           John Moore-Out of My Mind-1989-871-425-1-$15.00

25.           Julio-Iglesias-1100 Bel Air place-1984-QC-39157-$15.00

26.           Kenny Rogers-Greatest hits-1971-RS-6437-$25.00

27.           L’Trim-Cars with the Boom-1988-76-65060-$20.00

28.           L’Trim-Grab it! -1988-78-19251-1st Album-$20.00

29.           Machismo-Came (-)-1988-LP-836-002-1-$30.00

30.           Michael Monroe-not fokin’ it-1989 -838-627-$30.00

31.           Molly Hatchet-Flirting with Disaster-1979-$20.00

32.           Onslaught-In search of sanity-1989-828 142-1-$30.00

33.           Prince- Évolution/Parade-1986-92-53951-$30.00

34.           Quiet Riot-Condition Critical-1984-$25.00

35.           Rick Springfield-Success Hasn’t...1982-$20.00

36.           Rod Stewart-Camouflage-1984-$20.00

37.           Soft Cell-Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret-1981-$20.00

38.           Spit Ends-True colours-1980-SP-4822-$20.00

39.           Staying Alive-sountrack-1983-$20.00

40.           Steppenwolf-Rest in Peace-1972-DSX-50124-$15.00

41.           T.N.T.-Intuition-1989-836777-1-$30.00

42.           Ted Russell-Chronicles. -1979-$15.00

43.           The Lords of the…-Is Nothing Sacred-1983-$25.00

44.           The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-Will the Circle be Unbroken-1972-$15.00

45.           The secret Policeman’s ball-1980-$20.00

46.           Uriah Heep-Salisbury-1971-$20.00

47.           Whitney Houston-1985-AL8-8212-1st Album-$25.00

48.           ZZ Top- The Best of-1977-BSK-3273-$20.00




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Contact Info

phonePhone: 867-445-2673
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