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Ad Number: 181751

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: May 13th 2019 at 6am

Room in Downtown Apt: Bright & furnished - June 1

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One of two Bedrooms for rent in a cozy, bright suite. Two bedroom basement, fully furnished, several large windows with a bright and open feeling. You will be sharing with one other roommate. The apartment is a separate, private living area with everything you would need. You will pass through the shared entrance to get to your home downstairs. 

- Large living Room + Large Dining Room + Bathroom with shower 

- Suite is fully furnished: Furniture, kitchen items, flat-screen TV...etc. 

- Utilities included: Laundry, Power, heat, water, Internet (generous but limited data). Not included: Phone or cable tv. 

- Street Parking only, no plug in. 

- Please note that the apartment is in the basement of our home, and the entrance to your home is shared with the owners upstairs. We will access the shared laundry room and our storage room through your stairwell. Your living area is separate.  

- 6 months+ lease preferred.. 

- Security Deposit of $1000, can be paid over three months.

- No pets. No smoking inside. No heavy partying.  

- Looking for tenants who are friendly, respectful, quiet, and responsible. Must be able to pay the rent each month and conduct basic cleaning maintenance.

- Upstairs we are: Active home with social activities and airbnb guests. No major partying. 1 dog + 1 cat + 10 chickens (in their coop outside). We are busy, friendly, flexible and respectful to make our home a place that meets the needs of everyone who lives here.  

If you are interested in living in our downstairs, please email with: 

1. General description of yourself/selves; who are you? What leads you to be looking for a home in Yellowknife?

 2. Are you employed/will you be able tor reliably pay the rent each month? 

3. Are you typically more quiet or loud? Messy or clean? 

4. How long of a lease are you looking for? 

5. Do you have any questions or concerns about this rental unit? 

If you email me asking to rent the unit without this information I will ask you to provide it before a viewing is possible. 

 Thank you for your interest :) 

Price: $ 1,050.00

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