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Ad Number: 178227

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: Apr 3rd 2019 at 9:04am

Banting Cabin - Spring Sale

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Address:Banting Cabin - Spring Sale, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 1T4 - view map
Size:300 sqft
Type:Stick Built  
Style:2 Story
Land Size:12,100 sqft

Wood Stove


Leased Lot


Propane stove Wood Stove 12' Lund Boat + 9.9hp

Last price drop before the ice melts. Not in a rush to sell, but I have purcased a new cabin and don't intend to spend much time at Banting this summer, would love to see someone else enjoy it.

However; if this doesn't sell I will put a bit more work in and list at the increased price again next winter. 

$44,000 or best offer. I'll throw in the 12' lund and motor so you have the full package to get yourself out this summer. 


Do you daydream of quiet summer mornings in your boat chasing trout and white fish without another person in sight? How about blasting your sled to your cabin after work with the buddies on a Wednesday for a fire and hotdog roast and being able to still be in bed in town at 11pm? These are things that you can do when you buy my cabin on Banting Lake.

I know this is a wall of text but if you are serious please read the entire ad, as it answers most questions you may have.

The Cabin

Built 2016-18 the cabin has 12x18 footprint with 12 foot ceilings and a full height loft. The footprint is small, reasonably comfortable sleep for two adult couples, a small family, or 8 dudes who have had too much beer. The cabin is well positioned on the lease with a large bedrock clearing surrounding the structure. This leaves expansion room with a solid foundation all around and also provides some natural fire break. Adding a bunk room would have been one of my next moves if I was keeping it.

The current structure is well built, all 2x6 construction fully insulated and vapor barrier. Interior is clad in select fir grade plywood. The cabin floor is insulated and sheeted both sides, with the entire structure sitting on 3 beams on blocking straight to bedrock. Exterior is painted grey, seams caulked, cladding is not an urgent job but something to consider in the future or just slap more paint on and enjoy it.

Roof was completed last year with 2 layer modified bitumen (torch-on, flat roof, very slight slope in place for drainage). Front portion of the roof was designed with a rooftop deck in mind, built out of 2x10s. Front door has an 8x8 deck, enough for a small bistro set/bbq/wood storage. Basic furniture included in price (couch, mattress, table, some dishes, etc).

Electrical in place, just plug in a generator and flick on the panel. Note electrical is not fully complete, wiring is done with fixtures to be added, although the fan/light in the main area is installed and running and this was the most important piece. Wood stove installed and heats the place nicely. Sink drains into bucket below and gets dumped out at the end of the weekend.

The following is also included:

  • Plywood to complete soffit coverings
  • Enough wood on site to build either a bigger deck or a shed/small outbuilding (estimate $1,500  or so in lumber on site, some 2x8s, 2x6, 2x4, 1x4 and a fair bit of sheet goods in varying condition)
  • Propane range (to be installed)
  • Materials to complete loft stairs/ladder (I had a plan, can share it, or you can do your own thing)

The Lease

The lease was renewed in November and is on a 5 year term with the GNWT. This is a hunting and fishing lease, many of which were issued around the time the Federal Government gave the GNWT responsibility for land management in the devolution deal. I was expecting to have this lease renewed or flipped into a longer term arrangement after this next 5 year period is complete.

One of the advantages of this area is that it is outside any land withdrawals for current ongoing land claim negotiations.

Lease fee is $850 a year, due in November so this year is paid for, and the cabin has been inspected and approved to all of the build specifications so the lease is in good standing. Lease area is 110’x110’ and I have mapping and paperwork to transfer to new owner.

The Lake

Banting is beautiful, serene, and private. Quieter than some of the larger lakes and very easy to access in the winter (30 minute sled ride from my back yard in town to the cabin door or a 45 minute drive to the end of Walsh on the ice road and a 5 minute sled ride from there).

The low traffic nature of the area leads to a reasonably well connected group of neighbors. Everyone I have met on the lake has been great. This would also be a great fit for someone who loves to fish and hunt as this is a stellar jumping off spot for hunting and Banting has good fishing.

If you are an adventurer the cabin isn’t that far of a cross country ski ride from Vee Lake (the ski club tent frame is 2 leases south of this cabin, the loppet route passes my front door each year). Berry Hill is very close also.

In the summer things require more effort. In high water years the trip time from Vee Lake boat launch to cabin in a 16ft lund with at 20hp on the back was about 50 minutes. In the lowest water years this trip could take twice as long. I kept a second boat on Banting and walked the short portage at the top of Walsh but last year people were able to drag larger boats between the creek from Walsh to Banting. 5 or 6 years ago another guy on the lake had a full console 18 foot boat with a 115hp on the back that he took all the way from Vee to Banting regularly.

For the right price I may include a 12ft lund and 9.9 johnson motor, this is the boat I kept on Banting.

If you are handy with a quad and you can get to Berry Hill, you are basically already at the bottom of upper Banting. Buy this cabin and the 12’ lund to leave at the bottom of the lake and you’ll be there in no time.

The Sale

You will have a difficult time mortgaging a cabin in Yellowknife, most lenders won’t touch a mortgage on a property that doesn’t have a road or power to it. If you don’t have cash on hand your best bet would be to get a line of credit with your bank, if you do have a mortgage and some equity in your home you can secure the line of credit to your mortgage for better rates. I am not a bank; I will not coordinate financing for this deal. My banker did say he would take referrals though.

Reasonable offers accepted.


UPDATE: Here's a google album link with more photos, you'll have to copy and paste.

Price: $ 44,000.00 or best offer

Contact Info

phonePhone: 867-446-3084
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