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Ad Number: 174646

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: Oct 25th 2018 at 7:21pm

Updated info about suicidal teen library maybe

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I may be totally wrong about this. Earlier Yesterday, before the incident. I heard two of the teenagers say “the mental health act” as I walked by. They were here alone and acting like they were reading it on there phones, or just did. Later, that afternoon. When the gang of teens was here yesterday, with the teenager who became suicidal acting. I heard “she’s 18” or “18” for sure. Acting like it was “in reference” to her anyway. (Not a minor now). If it was her they were referring to.

Also, the group acting like, they were looking at a picture or maybe a video on there cell phones. This group of people by her. Maybe sexual in nature. (I am aware that has happened in the past to a young woman “humiliation” in her peer group in Yellowknife). Maybe pic of her holding a beer and on probation. Who knows for sure.

A form of domination, and sexual domination eventually maybe. They may be “running” her, to become a prostitute eventually. In a socially acceptable way. (No punishment). There level of “concern” seemed to be lacking towards her. I may be wrong. Ask them. I am behind the times in some ways. Maybe friends don’t respond as we use to.

I could be partially wrong, to totally wrong. Including about, what I am about to say and above. But this has happened to people before, and it will happen again. I have come to believe that Charles Manson types, are more common, than believed in society today (killers). To one degree or another. He killed people in a socially unacceptable way.

I believe the same type of people “rage-ers” with “severe fantasy thinking” processes. Think it is ok to harm people, even to the point they become suicidal or beyond. For there own selfish ends. Like mere entertainment at first or to get money. As long as, they can get away with it, in a socially acceptable way (no punishment). They “rage” in various socially acceptable ways. If you “dare” stand up for yourself to them once. As just one example. (Already looked up online for Latin conversion of “raging”).

A normal human being has logical thinking processes, and compassion, and morals. Normal people do not do things to harm people. To get what they want, because they can. And on a regular and routine basis, harm a person or persons. By doing “harmful and hurtful” behaviours long term, and in any way they can. Like being vindictive and spiteful. That makes them easy to spot, as they can not help themselves. When their mental condition, is bad anyway. They think they are normal (sane). That is delusional thinking. To think that what they do is ok to do, when they even explode (punish) in any way they can.  Like after trying to defend yourself against them once. At the same time, it’s a form of dominating behaviours.

There delusional thinking processes makes it ok for them, in their delusionary minds. To do what they want to. “Harmful and hurtful” behaviours, to get what they want. Whenever they can get away with it. They will even put in months to years of there lives in doing this. To other people then to, at the same time, if it’s for money let’s say.

Think of what they do as a series of steps. You are at step six, a new person gets step one implemented against them. Maybe by a different group of people locally.

Let’s say, a person like this believes in reincarnation. They think it’s ok to let a new born sick  babies suffer. That baby is dripping in evil “bad karma” to that person. That makes it ok in there delusional thinking processes. To let that baby, suffer, and rob the family, or tax payers. I am a lay person, in that religion. Let’s call that, the great force. They are not that great force, or god, if you are Christian. They do not get to do that. That is delusional and or convenient (criminal) thinking, to behave that way, to get person rewards.

They have created fantasy constructs in their delusional minds. To justify their behaviours to themselves, and others like them, they surround themselves with. If they have done nothing to you yet. You are wrong. They have trained you, like a dog, to behave in certain ways, when dealing with them. I am talking about the young ones only. Wait till after they go to university and get an education in phycology. They talk, and plan, and explain the law, amongst themselves and what they can get away with or not.

Sometimes they seem to have demented laughter and maybe stunted emotional growth. They throw temper tantrums. Like you touched their toy. Being older, they can not act bipolar and explode at various people, as they would get punished. So, they do various spiteful and vindictive behaviours towards you, and or others, in a more drawn out process. They want the protection, of there behaviours, being socially acceptable.  Also making you be alone and isolated.

So, they do things to  make you alone and isolated. They get ride of your friends, by taking every available opportunity to bad mouth you, humiliate you, to dominate you in various ways. Inappropriate demented laughter, when they can get away with doing that. Seems to be something some of them do. When not appropriate they still do demented laughter.

You are there new “play thing” and they “rage” at you, in any way they can, for any reason, they see fit. They want you to obey them, for whatever purpose, they have come up with. If one of them feels safe in dominating you, by themselves. Because they are bigger, than you, let’s say. Or know something humiliating. They will then dominate you, even when alone with you, or in public by themselves.

Let’s say, you are a normal person with logical reasoning abilities, and morals. Let’s say, you do something to a person. That gets you in trouble with the police. These people, who understand the law to a point, and can walk the edge of the law. Do things to people on purpose, to get you a criminal record or family, and make it more likely. Now you must deal with them, and there maybe criminal activities. Or to keep you trapped, working at some job, because of a criminal record now. They do really need help and maybe medication.

But you are a normal person in this case (not delusional). So, you did something criminal to hurt someone. You may be angry at first. Being you are a normal person. You will eventually become less angry, and maybe feel something called “guilty” about what you did. You may even apologize to that person if you can. You do not “blame the victim” and use that as an excuse to continue to victimize (delusional thinking) the victim (you or family or a friend for now).

Basically, at least sometimes, you feel guilty, at wrongful things you do. Especially to a person. Fear also makes you stop doing wrongful things. You do not try to figure out ways to keep hurting someone anyway. Well if they are not doing hurtful and harmful things to you. Maybe then you do. Fighting back is normal (self defense).

They have taught ordinary people to act a certain way when dealing with them. Like be fearful of upsetting them. You have learned not to bother them “don’t cause trouble”. It’s not worth it to you (ordinary person). They do something wrong and take off “move fast”. Take off, after doing something important to them “rushing” behaviours. Not a fact but some tells. Some people have to, be fast when working.

This behaviour lets them in some cases, commit crimes in front of you against a victim. They may realize they just committed a crime in front of you against someone “singular”. Then they take off fast maybe after distracting you. Or others (girls maybe), do things to distract you, to what just happened in front of you. Draw attention to themselves now, some how. Oceans 17 let’s say behaviours.

If that victim shows up alone, or if he or she shows up in a group even. Someone that you do not know really, or you would care about what just happened, or is going to happen. That one gang, bad mouths, that person in public now, and all the time as needed. Others mimic. That victim is talked about in front of you. This makes you feel you know that person, and that what they do is ok.

Then you don’t give crimes a second thought committed in front of you, against that victim, by that gang of individuals. One just got caught publicly. (Breaking the law on there minds always in public). Then the police would force them to stop doing things to that person. Anyway, proof that they are committing inappropriate behavior(s) in public, that they are not allowed to do. May be even crimes where they would be charged right away with. So, the police need to be called when that happens in public. Especially when a crime has been committed in front of the public. If you dare to. Then they start to build up a history officially.

I have been talking about this somewhat already in public for 3 days. Pretty freaky to see some varied reactions when members of the public are around. They really do need help. Some of these people can not stop themselves. They are “venting” the internal raging they feel inside. At ever chance they get. To pretend to be normal. Like the first bates motel movie. He just pretends to be normal and kills again. A movie but a good extreme example.

Because they are pretending to be normal. They jump at every opportunity to rage against anyone they can. If all they can do is stare at you in anger as they walk by. That is what they will do. Forever to, unless someone other becomes, or is made available, to punish and victimize and dominate. It’s always “your fault” to these people.

So, I expect they will start using party houses to continue hurtful and harmful behaviours towards people. That’s still a socially acceptable way to them. No punishment. I mean people like this, all over the place. Not necessarily these people. I may be totally wrong about them. Still a good reason to explain some things to the public. Things that should be talked about and understood to a point anyway.

If you are a guy (victim) and you go to a party house. Expect to have other of these guys try to dominate and intimidate you physically. Implied threats of violence and told continuously by girls. How scary dangerous he is, or they are.  Or laughing at you about fighting him or them. If you basically laugh at them to there faces and they believe you, these guys. Then all of a sudden. Any remark you make back at them. You get threats (from girls) of the police being called against you. If you do anything to him or them.

Told maybe the local “mob” or huge thugs will come and beat the snot out of you. Etc. Family threats. Depends if they now want you around or not still. Release videos or photos to humiliate you or family. Etc.

George Collins
A Human Rights Activist

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