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Ad Number: 162784

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: Sep 26th 2018 at 8:54am

Brasse Indoor BBQ

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From website:

The Brassé Indoor Element BBQ is a radical leap forward for apartment-bound chefs or those burdened with the pains of winter.

The Brassé BBQ is an indoor cooking system that uses a gas or electric stove element to heat lava rocks, creating the delicious BBQ flavor we’ve all grown to love. We like to think of it as a triumph for the modern man, bringing all the flavor and fun of a traditional BBQ to the convenience of your stove top. The adjustable grill height and removable handle allows you to have complete control throughout the cooking experience. With a specific section for catching and removing grease, it is easily cleaned and can be stored right beside the rest of your cookware. Free of costly propane and charcoal refills, it provides the full-flavor and healthy cooking experience of an outdoor BBQ within the comforts your own kitchen - a must-have for the urban man with a hearty meat tooth. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The product is not intended for cooking food that produces a lot of grease (like bacon or high-fat ground beef), and MUST BE USED with an overhead exhaust hood as grilling some foods will produce as much smoke as frying bacon, searing, or blackening chicken for example. A complete operations manual will be included with the product.


Really does taste just like BBQ. We have only used it once, no need for it. Paid over $300 brand new



Price: $ 200.00 or best offer

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phonePhone: 867-445-1432
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