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Ad Number: 160229

Location: Ottawa, ON

Posted: Feb 13th 2018 at 8:13am

Research Assistant

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Type:Part TimeStart Date:Sat, Apr 14th 2018
Pay:between $4,000 to $8,000Closing Date:Sat, Feb 24th 2018
Key Benifits:Performance bonuses
Employer:Health Effects Monitoring Program

Send your resume with a cover letter to Renata Rosol, Project Coordinator at 

Research Assistants will work part-time with randomly selected and volunteer participants from ages 3 to 79 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. You will receive training on canvassing, conducting interviews (lifestyle and food frequency questionnaire), providing basic information about the program, and collecting samples of toenail clippings, urine and saliva from participants in Yellowknife. The work of the Research Assistants will be essential to the quality of data collected and the usefulness of the results for establishing health guidelines related to possible contaminant exposure, and priorities in the Northwest Territories.

The purpose of the Health Effects Monitoring Program is to establish a current baseline of contaminant exposure, and possible health effects in Ndilo, Dettah, and Yellowknife, and continue to monitor the population throughout the Giant Mine Remediation Project.  The monitoring program focuses on arsenic as well as other chemicals of potential concern (COPC) including antimony, cadmium, lead, manganese, and vanadium, which might result from the remediation project activities.

Interviews and sample collection will take place from April 16 to June 24, 2018 with approximately 1,000 randomly selected and volunteer participants having resided in Yellowknife for at least the past 12 months.

The program is funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, and is conducted in full partnership with the University of Ottawa, Yellowknives Dene First Nation, North Slave Metis Alliance, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Government of Norwest Territories, Health Canada, Giant Mine Oversight Board, and the City of Yellowknife, with additional support from the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Participate in 1-day training covering study protocols, completing questionnaires using a tablet, and collecting samples.
  • Knock on randomly selected households to ask to participate in the study.
  • Schedule an appointment at their convenience (using own cell phone).
  • Conduct lifestyle and food frequency questionnaire with randomly selected participants and volunteers.
  • Questionnaire must be completed carefully with lots of attention to detail.
  • Collect toenail clippings, urine, and saliva samples from study participants.
  • Maintain a complete and accurate record of interviews.
  • Available to work from April 14 to June 24, 2018
  • Flexible schedule; most of the work will take place evenings and weekends.
  • Able to meet a weekly minimum quota of completed interviews of 3-4 per week.
  • Able to meet (or communicate) weekly with field coordinator to cross reference address list.

Desirable skills/assets

  • Comfortable knocking on doors and talking to members of the community 
  • Self- motivated
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliable
  • Well organized
  • Able to set and keep appointments
  • Access to reliable communications i.e. phone, text, or email
  • Able to keep documentation and samples secure until deposited in project fridge
  • Good oral and written communication skills, including legible hand writing
  • Knowledge of basic math skills
  • Access to a car to get to appointments

Working Conditions

The Research Assistant works flexible hours and from a home office.  Most of the surveys are completed in participants’ homes on evenings and weekends.  Completing a survey takes approximately 30 minutes with some extra time devoted to contacting and setting appointments with participants.  Research Assistants participate in a 1 day training, and are well supported by the project team for the duration of the data collection period (April 16 - June 24, 2018).

P ayment

 An RA may be paid anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 depending on number of interviews conducted:



Training :

·       Participate in 1 day of training – Saturday, April 14



Complete Questionnaire & Collect all 3 Samples :

  • Complete Interviews (minimum 35):
    • Knock on randomly selected households to ask to participate in the study
    • Schedule an appointment for the interview (adult, child)
    • Conduct the interview and fill the questionnaire on a tablet for each participant
    • Collect sample of saliva
    • Leave a sample kit for participant to collect toenails, and urine at own time
    • Follow-up with participant to collect sample kit
    • Maintain accurate record of interviews



(includes transportation to and from interviews)

Households/Apartments contacted 3 times with no response (CNR):

  • Claim each household and apartment that you visited 3 times and there was no response



Meeting with project team

·       Review progress (1 hour per week x 10wks): in-person meetings


25$/hr x 10hrs

Contact Info

phonePhone: 613-325-9080
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