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Ad Number: 159527

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: May 22nd 2018 at 10:57am

Handgun Safety Training : May 1 spot left /JULY

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Yellowknife Shooting Club requires the Black Badge certifaction for holster usage on the range.

IPSC Canada National Training Program’s Black Badge course is one of the most recognised Pistol Safety Training Course world wide .This class is for individuals that want to advance their personal handgun skills .

This class is open to all skill levels to enjoy 2 days of fun on the range !!

Course Date – May 26th -27th and July 7th -8th 2018 

$275 per person   Register early to insure your spots

   May class only has one spot left.

         Classes will be limited to 8 students. 

John Dzurka  (867) 445-4783

Topics included
    •    Handgun safety and safe handling practices
    •    Fundamentals of effective handgun marksmanship
    •    Safe and efficient deployment of a handgun from a holster
    •    Speed shooting and speed reloading techniques
    •    Sighted vs. unsighted shooting
    •    Alternate shooting positions (barricades, ports, obstacles etc.)
    •    Engaging multiple targets with multiple rounds at speed
    •    Primary and support had shooting techniques
    •    Safe and efficient movement with a loaded handgun
    •    Stoppage and malfunction clearance techniques
    •    IPSC style “Mini Match” to reinforce skills taught in class
    •    Semi-Automatic Handgun or Revolver (minimum caliber: 9 mm)
    •    Gun Belt, Holster, Magazine Pouches, minimum of 4 magazines (Holster must completely cover handgun’s trigger guard.

Thigh rig / drop-down / cross-draw / shoulder holsters are not permitted. Belt must be suitable to support equipment*)
    •    Gun belts must be suitable to securely support holster handgun and loaded magazines. Use of standard dress belts is STRONGLY discouraged. SERPA or similar retention style holsters are not permitted for use in this class.
    •    Hearing and Eye Protection (Mandatory)
    •    Baseball Cap with Brim (Strongly recommended)
    •    500 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition

    •    Restricted PAL (or firearm provided and transported to and from range by a Restricted PAL holder) Youth need to have guardian present during class.





Price: $ 275.00

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