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Ad Number: 150906

Location: Yellowknife, NT

Posted: Feb 14th 2018 at 9:15am

Dangerous Camp for Kids - Spring Break

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Following on the success of the Dangerous Camp for Kids this last summer

Dangerous Winter Camp for Kids

March Springbreak - 1 five day camp

Do you believe that risk and danger still have a place in our society?

We are organiational development and risk management specialists who support humanitarian organisations working in high risk environments like Somalia and Afghanistan. In addition we have operated experiential wilderness based activities for youth in BC and the UK.

We are also parents who firmly believe that our children need to have a safe and managed exposure to risk if they are to be able to meet the challenges of the coming years.

Drawing inspiration from books such as “The Dangerous Book for Boys” and the work of people like Gever Tulley, and based on the success of the summer camp of 2017, we are running a five day long Spring Break camp in March 2018. The camp will cover a blend of hard skills such as winter survival skills, shelter building, fire making  and soft skills including problem solving using structured individual and group experiential activities where skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation and decision making can be developed in a more focussed way than just through the hard skills activities.

The camp will run from Monday to Friday 0830 to 1700 from Mario's Marvellous Movie Emporium (the floating/frozen coffee ship) near the government dock in Old Town. We will do activities on Mario's and use Jolliffe Island too. Depending on temperatures and availability of appropriate equipment for kids, we would also like to have the Thursday night as a sleep out experience. Each camp is strictly limited to 12 participants as we want to ensure full engagement and believe that any larger group works against that objective.
The camp will operate Monday 19 - Friday 23 with the Thursday overnight experience (pending weather & personal equipment availability) culminating in a parents day on the Fridays where there will be joint activities for parents and kids, while providing kids with the opportunity to showcase their skills acquisition.
The cost is $500.00 per participant paid by eTransfer. We consider a placement secured only when the funds are transferred. The final "cast in stone" expectation is that all parents come to an orientation meeting prior to the camp so that we can share expectations and any child specific details that we should know in order to ensure the experience is as rewarding as possible.
Anticipated age range: 10 – 13 although there will be flexibility based on group composition. The camp is open to both boys and girls. We are also open, based on feedback to the possibility of a girls only and a boys only configuration.

All required insurances and CR checks are in place.

If such a camp would be of interest please contact us to discuss this further.

Price: $ 500.00

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